Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Invisible Idea

They are most dangerous to The Unaware.

The double cross is
when you think a certain thing is happening,
instead you were tricked.

It was the invisible idea, surprise.

Illusion leads you the same path of invisible ideas.
It is like a sucker punch thought.
Do not plug in to them.
Choose your thoughts.

Not all thoughts are beneficial.

As it is written some place, you should be
"casting down imaginations that exalt themselves...."

That is where you start.

It is simple as that.
Plugging into the right things.
Unplug from the wrong things.

The lie, the truth, superstition,
 health, sickness, drama.....plug in to what you want.

You can actually open a door for RIGHT things to happen,
 all by choice.
Alrighty Then. Choose your thoughts.

God is more real than you are experiencing.

Make a "connection" with The Almighty.
Plugged in.

- Daniel Boone>


Monday, September 11, 2017

right as a rock get the Holy Ghost

When you say, "Get the Holy ghost", do you mean:
warming up for a fight,
maybe shadow boxing or
shaking your hands at your side,
so that you can "lay hands on somebody"( knock 'em out)?
New meanings are being injected into phases found in the Scriptures.
This is fantasy.

Getting the Holy Ghost and laying hands on somebody were considered as kindness.
Getting the Holy Ghost a kindness of God, and laying hands on somebody with the idea of them getting healed is another kindness.
This is reality.

It has been said that we are like PVC pipe for the Lord to flow though.
I say we are more like funnels.
There is always much more.

Not all have the faith
- 2 Thess chp 3

Do not let the devil trick your thinking.
Satan has no right to you!
Satan has as much right to you as a rock.
If a rock has no right to you maybe God does.

Daniel Boone
aka Spiritblood

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Precious as my Blood

More precious than rubies.
What is more precious than rubies?
Health is more precious than rubies.
More precious than gold.
I would spend all my gold on food if the need be.
More precious than silver.
Your breath, your contentment, your sanity.

Prayer meeting FWCC Feb. 13, 2012

more precious than rubies,
more precious than gold,
more precious than silver.
My Holy Spirit is just as precious as My Blood because
that is the price I paid to get 'em to you.

-Daniel Boone, aka Spiritblood