Thursday, April 6, 2017

Second-hand breath, Breathe twice

Have you ever heard of second-hand breath?
Most people have heard of second-hand smoke, second-hand cars, but breath?

First of all let me say that breathing is good and natural.
Stick with me here.

Certain breathing procedures can help to relieve stress and promote health.
Also, expel toxins. Here is an example:

It is call the Whistle Breath.

The movement of the diaphragm helps massage your heart and descending aorta.
This slow, conscious breath will release mood-boosting hormones and keep you energized and clearheaded during the day and relaxed to sleep deeply at night.

Sit tall, pucker your lips, and whistle as you inhale and exhale very slowly, fully filling and emptying your lungs. Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Exhale.

Don't worry if you can't make the whistle sound—just pucker your lips as if you were whistling.

I have to side track here.
There is another breathing exercise I will tell you about but
On a side note,
I have to say this first;
did you know that God breathed into the first Adam his first breath?
Breathing is good and natural.

Now you might see where I am going with this second-hand breath.
Please stick around for the next breathing procedure.

Let me quote here
"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God"
(II Tim. 3:16)

Literally it means that the words were "God-breathed", in the Greek.

God "breathed" out the words onto the pages through the means
of prophetic/apostolic writers.
Breath it in man.
Breathing is good and natural.

Now for the second breathing procedure.

It is called the Panting Lion's Breath.

This breath removes toxins from your bloodstream and increases
the molecular exchange through your lungs.
It stimulates your thyroid to boost your energy.
Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush away released toxins.
This exercise is also fun to do!

Open your eyes and mouth wide.
Extend your tongue out and down and begin a panting breath through your mouth, focusing on each exhalation.
Draw your navel sharply back with each exhalation, and relax it on the inhale.

Continue for one to three minutes, then close your mouth, close your eyes, and inhale deeply into your abdomen. Hold this breath for as long as you reasonably can.
Allow your focus to rest on the fact that your breath and life is given to you by God.

Receiving from God-
Daniel Boone AKA Spiritblood