Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Do the Coconut

miracle-healing coconut had been used to help alleviate:
· Coughs
· Constipation
· Malnutrition
· Skin infections
· Toothaches
· Earaches
· Flus
· And more!

But that all changed By the 1960s,
a weak scientific theory claimed that saturated fats-like those found in butter,
eggs, milk, red meat and coconuts - increased "bad" LDL cholesterol and
were dangerous to consume.

Nothing was further from the truth!
CRAZY. God made it perfect.

But this “health scare” was enough to push the public
away from saturated fats and
instead to refined vegetable oils.
This was perfect for food manufacturers because
they were far cheaper to produce.

· Coconut oil is antifungal and actibacterial.

Coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins, minerals
(especially calcium and magnesium),

Coconut oil helps the body heal and repair faster.
It aids and supports immune function

· Coconut oil, is good for your heart.

· Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant.
It protects the body from free radical damage and
prevents from premature aging and degenerative diseases.

· Finally, coconut oil is the best massage oil.

It forms a barrier against infections, softens and moisturizes your skin,

Coconut Oil Fuels Your Metabolism!

Coconut Oil Boosts Your Thyroid!
If you’re cooking with vegetable oil—it’s time to stop for your thyroid’s sake!

Coconut Oil Protects and Beautifies Your Skin!

Coconut Oil Can Save Your Brain!

Coconut Oil Fights Cancer!

Coconut Oil is the Ultimate Detox!
Detoxing is quite popular these days—but beware!
Many detox methods found on the internet are not grounded in science but
are instead “fad” diets meant to make someone else a lot of money!
Coconut oil has amazing detox abilities and bolsters your energy during a detox program!

Coconut Oil is Amazing for Heart Health!
Heart disease is a scary disease often treated with even scarier drugs—like statins!
Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) deplete the body of vital
heart-nourishing nutrients and can do more harm than good!
Coconut oil is full of heart-healing benefits and can help prevent
the need for such drugs—and even help keep you from getting sick in the first place!

Coconut Oil Makes Yeast Yield to
Its Health-Promoting Powers!

It may sound too good to be true,
but mountains of research proves—coconut oil can do wonders for your health!

Put together by Daniel Boone for informational purposes

Daniel Boone