Friday, February 16, 2018

God the fixer

Fixing the thing.

If only you knew ahead of time what it would cost,

how much time it would take,


You could have avoided the pressure that came along,

with the frustration.

There is someone who did know.

I am thankful I know this going forward.

Our faith is usually in fixing the thing.
God is hardly consulted unless we think it has "gone that far" already,
then we pray/consult God.

Example: I had a flat tire.

So, I plugged the hole in the tire.

The plug leaked air.
So, I put some fix-a-flat

product in the tire, to fix the first fix (the plug).

I ended up buying a knew tire.
I could have saved time and money if I had the Word from the Lord.

Someone already knew all that I would go through.

I did not ask.

I could have consulted. Right?

Some businesses upgrade software.

Then the software needs more memory.

Soon the hard drive does not have enough room.

Someone knew this. Someone was ignored. Nobody asked.

Someone said, ask, and it shall be given.

I should have asked. How bout you?

the fit is in

Someone knows ahead of time.

He said if you are one of His, then you will hear His voice.

I would like you to listen to The One who knows.

There is also One who can supply all your needs,

but that is another issue.

Self dependence is over rated.

Depend on God. Start today.

Be well.

– Daniel Boone